One of two brothers, Edric lived in a country known as Amestris, which houses a powerful form of pseudo-magic called alchemy.. Edric and his brother tried to use this energy to revive their deceased mother after she unexpectedly passed away from illness.

…...it didn’t end too well.

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Turns out a higher power didn’t like them trying to imitate his works. For their troubles, Ed lost his leg and his brother lost his entire body after the power forced them through the gate as a penance. Not wanting to lose the only family he had left, he pulled his brother’s soul back and bound it to plate of armor–at the cost of his arm.

Burdened by guilt. Ed wants nothing more than to get Al’s body back. In pursuit of that goal, Ed has become a state alchemist. Though technically he must serve the government and the military, Ed’s real goal is to use his resources to pursue the Philosopher’s Stone.

Edric is precocious, stubborn, and hot-tempered. Ed’s super-smart, and he’s one of the best alchemists around. But he doesn’t compromise and he doesn’t get along with authority well; not the best attributes for a military employee. He frequently loses his temper, and can be rash. But all of his passion is directed towards helping the people he loves.

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